Selling your practice

We recognize that the people are the practices most important resource.  Dr. Peak’s initial practices in Minnesota his most junior employee was with him 15 years with all the others working with him 25+ years.

  • Receive fair market value for your practice with an efficient purchase process
  • Trust your staff will be in good hands joining the Peak Dental Services family
  • Avoid trying to recruit an associate dentist to take over your practice and let us take on that burden

Transitioning your practice

We work hard to support our affiliated dental practices denoted by the fact we’ve grown our affiliated practices 25-90% within the first year alone with the average being close to 50%.

  • Monetize some or all of your practice’s value now versus risk how the majority of associate-to-buyout relationship fail before the buyout actually occurs.
  • Avoid getting stuck not finding a buyer at retirement as the pool of dentist buyers has been shrinking due to rapidly increasing tuition rates and increase level of competition for solo providers.
  • Continue to be the leader of the practice and have the opportunity to work as long as you want while not having the headaches of ownership


Start with a Free Practice Assessment

We enjoy working with practice owners whom:

  • Provide great patient care
  • Demonstrated track record with their existing staff
  • Desire to continue their legacy in the practice without the headaches of ownership
  • Seek to realize some or all of the value of their practice and continue to work in the practice
  • Recognize that with additional support of a larger organization, you have a chance of earning more because of upgraded systems and support

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